Jain Cheese


Ingredients :

  • 300 ml Milk
  • 3 Teaspoon Cornflour
  • 2 Teaspoon Milk Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Soda (Eno)
  • 1 Drop Cheese Essence (Check Ingredients Suitable for Jains)

Method :

  • Heat Milk, Salt, Soda and Corn Flour on a slow flame in a non-stick pan.
  • Keep stirring continously till it comes to a boil and thickens.
  • Add Milk Powder, Lemon Juice and Essence (if you need).
  • Stir well till a thick custard like paste is ready.
  • Switch off the gas and cool it to room temperature.
  • Transfer the mixture into a small container and set in the refrigerator.
  • After about an hour or two soft cheese is ready.
  • If you need to grate the cheese, set the cheese into freezer so that it is hard enough to grate.

Please do comment how it turned out.



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64 responses to “Cheese”

  1. alka

    cheese essence is not vegetarian, why to use ?

    1. Hey Alka,
      I have not used cheese essence in this recipe coz I didnt get it. So I dont know wat is that made up of. Apologies.

  2. sheetal jain

    very impressive yaaa….hats offf for these mouth watering and delicious recipes.

    1. Thanks sheetal

  3. Payal

    Will definitely try this… Thanks for sharing.

  4. R K Jain

    interesting …await for more latest pure jain recipe . thanks

  5. jignesh

    I will try it thank’s for sharing

  6. Reena

    I tried it but it has very sour taste

    1. Hi Reena, make sure you use the right quantity of milk and citric acid. When we made, it turned out to be good which was the same as we clicked the picture above. Though it may be a little liquidy or slim·y which was the only concern.

  7. Helin Shah

    It’s yumm
    Thanx for the recipe

  8. Kamal Jain

    do you know what are the contents of cheese essence .

    1. it could be just the flavour or the essense extracted from actual cheese. Actual Cheese should always be avoided as it it not Jain. Please refer to the essence content properly.

  9. Reena

    For your reply
    I used the right quantity of milk & citric acid but I want to know abt it’s taste is it exactly taste like market ? It was exactly like in the picture but taste is little sour?

  10. mokshali

    thanks a lot mam…finally my much awaited receipe has come…will definately try this and let u know how it turned out after padhyushan.i m so happy

  11. chandakotcher

    aacha hua ki ghar mai hi cheese bana sakate hai so easy kushi hui kuch naya sikhane ko mila

  12. Harshita shah

    I was desperately in need of this recipe …..thanks …will try it once

  13. Heena

    Which milk powder?

    1. Hello Heena, Ideally you can use any milk powder however we recommend using whole milk powder which tastes better than skimmed one.

  14. Khushii jain

    Nimbu k phool iz nt dun…cz evn nimbu k phool is nt to use

    1. Shivani

      Can nimbu ka phool or tatri be used in jainism?
      If no, then whats the reason?

  15. rupa

    is milk powder needed?

  16. shalibhadra

    citric acid is “abhakshy” ..according to jain principles, it’s anantkaay.. so, we cant use it.. please provide it’s alternative..

    1. Hi Shalibhadra, Apologise for not replying quickly. I have made the changes now. You can also use lemon juice.

  17. Rituchallani

    Tried the recipie n it was welcomed by the family happily, it can be made in the morning n consumed by evening so basi food ka chakkar hi nahi .thank you for this recipe.

  18. puneet jain

    Hi…Milk powder is abhakshya.is there any alternative?

    1. Hi Puneet, I do not have an alternative for now. This recipe was provided during a session at Jain Derasar and should be fine.

  19. dinkal


    1. No, It is not necessary and can be avoided.

  20. meghna

    Awosme thanks a lot my kids just love it

    1. Thanks Meghna – Good to Know

  21. sonal

    Cheees essence nevr available in market so wat vil I do….pls requst ….in wich store in Mumbai I vil get it

    1. Hi Sonal, Cheese Essence is optional – infact even I have not used it either. I think it must be available in stores that sell International Products like Crawford market or HyperMart in Malad.

  22. Which type of container can b used to store it in refrigerator.?..steel wil do?

    1. Yes Rinni, steel will do

  23. Thank u

  24. aloki shah

    hii i made it bt i nt found it to be salty wen made..! lets see hw ut come out after gtting freezed

    1. Do Let me know how it turned out Aloki

  25. its sweet nd nt salty nd even very soft..! its like wen it is in freezer it seems to be like ice nd wen out in room tempreture its like hard jelly type ..! pls help me wat to do nd nt a yellowish color also nd it dosent melts also ..! it taste like little swet nd nt at all like cheese ..! help me out

    1. Hey Aloki, Well it would never melt like a regular cheese that we get outside – This is only an alternative which can be as close to cheese as it gets. You may have added more Milk Powder – try adding less of it. Make sure you have taken the exact mesurements and have taken “teaspoons” and not tablespoons – both are different.

      If you find any other recipe let me know i can have it replaced.

  26. jinal

    hi dear waiting to try this, sounds really interesting

  27. avni

    Helo madam
    milk mai lemon juice dalte hai to vo phat nahi jayega milk plz reply I m waiting beacause I m going to try out today

    1. Hi Avni, Cheese ke liye doodh ko phaadna hi padta hai – so it is okay to add lemon. We also add milk powder which is why whey doesnt separate out. Do let me know how this recipe turns out. I have heard mixed results.

      1. avni

        It turned very nice it was perfect in taste

  28. avni

    Can you tell how to make brown gravy for punjabi dishes plz reply

  29. Vishal

    You said in one of the comments that actual cheese is not Jain – do you know what is the reason? Is the reason of the bacteria and cultures present in them or is it because it is non-vegetarian?

    1. Jain Foodie

      Hi Vishal,

      Some of the cheeses contains rennet which is part of cow’s intestine – hence non-vegetarian. While other cheese may be called vegetarian but the process involves storing it for many days and years for maturing and better taste. This in turn also increases the amount of bacteria and cultures as you said.

      Hence, Ideally we should be avoiding all cheeses available in the market or make sure they are vegetarian before consuming it. The Alternative I have mentoned above is made and consumed on the same day.

  30. Kajal jain

    Mere papa milk powder nae use karate Wht shld I do pls help me…..

  31. mahesh doshi

    excellent efforts in propagating Jain Food!! Heart-full compliments!!

  32. mahesh doshi

    how can i get jain food recipes by whats app?? pls let me know..

  33. Prachi Jain

    I dont have proper measurement for teaspoons n tablespoons so how to measure it.. I dont use milk powder so wen i add lemon the milk may curdle and form panner.. Plz guide me properly the receipe is bit confusing

  34. Prachi Jain

    I tried it today with the proper measurement but the cheese was white in color and the consistency was like curd.. I refrigerated and freezed it also but i dint freezed

  35. reetu jain

    will surely try but will it luk juss lyk shown in pic

  36. what is cheese essence and from which thing it is made up of?

    1. Hi Smit,

      Cheese essense is usually vegetarian and suitabe for jains however you may have to check the contents before you buy. This is basically sourced from ingredients which tastes like cheese but not one.

  37. Hema Jain

    I know 50 to 60 types of gravies Specially Jain Gravies.

  38. Hema Jain

    I know how to make 50 to 60 types of gravies Specially Jain Gravies.

  39. harsh

    I have made this but it is not like cheese.
    So,please advice me to make it perfect.

  40. likhita

    was it cheese recipe

  41. Krupa

    What kind of milk is used?
    Tone or full cream

  42. Saloni

    it sounded interesting… but didn’t taste like cheese… it’s like white sauce without cheese..!!! my siblings say it’s like kadha (d one made of milk and atta)
    help me out..!!

  43. Saloni

    it sounded interesting… but didn’t taste like cheese… it’s like white sauce without cheese..!!! my siblings say it’s like kadha (d one made of milk and atta) I hv no idea wt to do..
    help me out..!!

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