Parna Recipes

Paryushan is one of the main festivals in Jain Dharma. Fasting is also an integral part of the Paryushan Week.

Parna or Paarna means breaking the fast (or series of fasts) the next morning. You can know more about why do Jains Fast here. Fast is usually broken 48 minutes after Sunrise.  This is usually done after praying to god with Navkar Mantra and Pachkan. To know about various Pachkans – Click Here.

What is Navkarsi ?
Don’t eat or drink anything untill 48 minutes after the sunrise, then sit at one place , fold your hand (Muththi vaalavi or handful), recite Navkar 3 times and then take food or water. By doing navkarsi one day, a person can shed karmas equivalent to 100 years of torture in hell – i.e. karma nirjara.

What is Pachkan?
Pachkan is basically an oath. It means you have committed to something be it fast or not eating after sunset.

Some of the things you usually prepare to break one fast are below:

For Attham, Atthai more fasts, here are some of the options:

  • Gud Water (Jaggery) (Gol Nu Paani)
  • Moong Water (Mag Nu Paani)
  • Taj and Laving Water (Cinnamon Sticks and Cloves)

When doing several fasts, you need to be extra cautious when eating / drinking during the following days. You should avoid any sour food like Yogurt, Lemon or fermented foods like Idlis, Dosas etc. These may cause swellings. You should ideally break your fasts and consume liquids and milder foods like Rice. This is because your body is not used to solid foods and it will affect your health.

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17 thoughts on “Parna Recipes

  1. kindly send some pure jain receipies onpakhi & tithi without coriander curry leaves and green chily or lemon juice

  2. Pls share the receipe of parana… how to prepare things like Taj water or aavli or any such things like dora water etc…

    1. Wash ker, and pressure cook it till 4 whistles, then drain water, heat pan add good amt of ghee, jeera, add ker, haldi,mirchi pwdr, dhaniya pwdr,at last add curd.
      For ker water, use excess drain water to that add hot ghee, god, haldi, kokum and heat it.

    2. Ker pani
      Wash ker, pressure cook it till 6 whistles
      Drain water, heat ghee add ker water, gud and kokum.u can add little haldi n dhaniya pwdr

  3. Mom also makes kaire (which are black in colour and round in shape). Can we have this in parna and what is it known in english

  4. I am doing athai I want to know what diet I need to follow for 2-3 months after my fast because I need to be extra cautious of what I eat after my fast

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