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Jainism is one of the oldest religions of world. It believes in a universe without beginning, without end and without creator.

To Know more about Food Restrictions that Jains follow please visit here. Rishabhdev, the first Tirthankar, is mentioned in Rig Veda, the oldest scripture of Hinduism believed to be at least 5000 years old. The last of the 24 Tirthankars of this cycle of time was Lord Mahavira. Jainism became prominent religion in India at the time of Mahavira , who was born in about 599 B.C. in the town of Vyshali,  (in the present day Bihar) in a royal family. At the age of 30 years Mahavira decided to leave his palace. For twelve years he practiced asceticism and meditated and ultimately started preaching.

Around 80 A. D. the Jainism was divided into two sects. The Svetambara or “white clad” and The Digambara or “sky clad”. The Svetambara are more liberal in their interpretation of Mahavirals teaching regarding nudity and allow their monks to wear a white garment. Women are also allowed in their religion and monasteries accepting the possibility that they may find salvation.  The Digambara are more traditionalists. They adhere to the old ideals that require their monks to go about naked. The Digambara sect believes that women have no chance of achieving salvation until they are reborn as men.

Ahimsa (Non-violence) is the basic philosophy of Jainism. Anekantvad (Non-absolutism) Syadvad (Relativity of truth) and Karma theory form the basis of Jain philosophy. The scriptures of Jainism are Agana (precepts) or Siddhantas- (treatises).  Jain code of conduct includes: Ahimsa (non violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness), and Brahmacharya (chastity). These are very similar to the Buddhist code of conduct.

Jainism does not believe in God as the creator of universe. The objective of Jainism is to make every effort for Moksha or Liberation from unending cycles of birth, death and re-birth and become a ‘Jina’. For Jains the Jina is God. Every human being and every living being has the potential to become Jina or God. Jainism never became a dominant religion in India but always had a peaceful co-existence with Hinduism and Buddhism.

There are about 4 million followers of Jainism in India, predominantly present in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan and also in Delhi, U.P, Karnataka & Madhya Pradesh.

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  1. good to have pure jain food recipes…………..keep sharing with many new recipes.

  2. It is good way to have new,vegetarian recipes,Jain recipes,& promote Pure Vegetarian Food.Proud to be a JAIN

  3. I LOVE THIS SITE.Many types of delicious jain recipes are there……this website will be very helpful to all jain people,i am proud to be part of this site.

  4. am so glad to see a jain food website its so difficult to find pure jain recipes. Am gonna be married soon this site is helping me to learn new varieties too. way to go thank you!!!

  5. Am newly married and settled abroad very far from mom and mother in law as well, so was thinking it will be difficult for me to prepare various pure jain dishes but after seeing this site am so happy………Good job..Thank you thanks a lot, please keep updatng new receipes 🙂

  6. It’s so hard to search pure Jain recipes.I am so happy to see a Jain food website on net.
    Being a Jain i loved your website.Keep sharing with many new variety………….

  7. it feels so great when we come to know there r so many jain followers.. Forget about the recepies but it feels so grt looking @ the response world wide…
    I’d b happy to help anytime:)

  8. it is embarrassing but so many recipes r with yogurt we do not eat yogurt can u please give us substitute

    1. Hello Kirtibhai, Yogurt may be one of the integral parts in most of the recipes here. You can choose the ones which do not need yogurt. There is no replacement of Yogurt as as per our dharma we can have Yogurt which is also consumed during Tithi days.

  9. I am literally shocked to see a website of this caliber related to Jainism
    Even the mobile site is awesome
    Hope in Jains online – Restored
    You have got yourself a regular visitor 😀

  10. Jain food can b tasty that people like me r forced to change opinion of no recipe can taste good without garlic,onion,potatoes.thank you for sharing Jain national n international recipe

  11. I have been Vegan for just over 30 years and lately I have become interested in Jain Dharma.I try to live by the 5 anu vratas and chant the namaskara mantra a number of times daily.Living in Scotland I do not have contact with anyone of the Jaina faith.I have some books and I read them often,hoping that I will learn to live as a Jain.

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