Thai Green Curry

Jain Thai Green Curry

Serving : 2 persons

Ingredients :

For Green Curry Paste

1/2 cup coriander / dhania (chopped)
4 Green chillies
1 Lemon Grass Stick (chopped)
1 tsp Lemon rind (peeled lemon skin)
1/2 tsp soonth / dry ginger powder
1/2 tsp Coriander Seeds
1/2 tsp jeera / Cumin Seeds
Salt to Taste
6-8 Black Pepper Corns
1 tsp Oil
1 tsp Sugar

For Curry
2 cups boiled vegetables equally cubed
2 cups Cocunut Milk1 cup Tofu
2 tsp Corn flour
2 tsp Oil
1 tsp Sugar
Salt to Taste

Boiled veg will include red and green peppers, green peas, babycorn, valor (flat beans). Boil peas, babycorn and valor. Cut all the veggies in equal squares.


For Green Curry Paste
Mix all the ingredients and grind it to paste.

For curry
Sprinkle cornflour and salt on tofu cubes. Stir fry the tofu and immerse in water for sometime, drain water and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan and add the green curry paste, stir fry the paste for 3-4 minutes. Add coconut milk and bring it to a boil. Add salt and sugar to taste. Add all the vegetables and tofu to curry and bring back to boil.

Serve hot with Jasmine Rice.

Tips: If you can find comined dry thai herbs ( kafir lime leaves, sweet thai basil leaves, lemon grass etc) add a little to curry. Make sure it does not contain galangal which is underground vegetable.

6 thoughts on “Thai Green Curry

  1. you have mentioned lemon rind – do we take out lemon fruity part and use the rind or we have to scrap out white part which is part of lemon rind .

    1. Hi Prema,

      Lemon Rind is basically the yellow part of the Lemon (without the White layer). The ideal process is to take a complete lemon and use a small cheese grater and grate the outer yellow part till u find the white layer inside… (White layer is usually bitter in taste and should not be used while cooking). So basically the whole lemon with the white skin will be left which will not be used here. Let me know if any questions.

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